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Friends New and Old

June 13, 2016 Roman Zelvenschi Comments

Your social life – your friendships and your family – are probably a source of happiness in your life. While socialization is critical for all people, regardless of age, seniors can be more susceptible to isolation. Many seniors have spent a considerable portion of their lives in the company of others – be it in the workplace or raising children. Upon retirement, an “empty nest”, or the death of a spouse, the opportunities for socialization often decrease, especially if the senior must rely on others for transportation.

But research has indicated that an active social lifestyle is more important than ever in helping seniors maintain a sharp mind, remain connected to the world around them, increase feelings of happiness, and develop a sense of belonging.

In addition to wonderful opportunities for socialization at The Arbor, a little extra companionship can ease the transition and make all the difference when it comes to the quality of our lives. At The Arbor, we celebrate early and often; we make move-in days, birthdays, holidays, and “just because” days cause for celebration with friends and neighbors.

Transition Packages

The first few days of life in a new home can be a little hectic—without someone to show you around and offer a hand. So when you or your loved one is moving into The Arbor or returning after a hospital or rehabilitation stay, and you can’t be there every minute to help, one of our trained companions can provide one-on-one assistance to gently introduce (or reintroduce) new faces, routines, and activities in a loving and personalized way. With a Transition Package, you can rest easy knowing that a potentially stressful time will be handled in the kindest and caring manner at The Arbor.

Celebration Packages

We understand that work schedules or distance just don’t allow you to spend all the time you’d like with your loved one. And, unfortunately, you can’t wrap up a big hug and tie it with a bow. So a one-on-one Celebration Package can make any day extra special. Birthdays. Holidays. Personal days. We’ll help you plan an event or activity with a trained companion to attend to your loved one’s every need. From museum visits or theatre tickets and dinner at a favorite restaurant to a parade or picnic at the park, a customized Celebration Package includes all expenses, escort fees, and transportation.

Recreation Packages

A move to The Arbor doesn’t mean your loved one has to give up favorite activities. Golf, High School Football games, museum memberships…you name it. Recreation Packages make transportation and participation in those loved pastimes possible. Our one-on-one companions are specifically trained to meet the special needs those pursuits require. You can rest easy knowing that an on-staff associate will provide all the one-on-one compassionate and loving assistance your loved one needs to get the most enjoyment out of treasured hobbies and activities.