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A tail Wagging good time

July 6, 2018 Roman Zelvenschi Comments
woman with animals photo collage

There is a magical element to animals, no matter where they are or what they do they are always in the present moment. For some, when an animal crosses our path, there is a moment in time where we connect. Whether they are waggling their tail, causing some mischief, or greeting us with enthusiasm or excitement. For Ms. Winnie, their presence lights up her face and fills her with joy. This week My Miracle moment features the special connection that Ms. Winnie has with animals. Animals give their all to their human friends even just their acquaintances. For Ms. Winnie’s My Miracle Moment, we decided to connect Ms. Winnie with her love of animals and giving back to the local animal shelter.

To begin the adventure, Ms. Winnie and the staff picked up special treats for all the kittens and pups. Upon arrival, Ms. Winnie snuggled Kittens who cuddled her close as she fell in love with each of them no matter what the size. One kitten, in particular, was a favorite as the little one rolled around in Ms. Winnie’s lap. After departing from the kitten section, Winnie went to see the dogs, she gave them lots of pets and some scrumptious treats. All tails were “a wag” that afternoon and Ms. Winnie had a smile from ear-to-ear.

During My Miracle Moments, we always want to connect the moment with, or to, a memory. In this case, we provided animal books for Ms. Winnie to read. She enjoys reading them thoroughly and continues to read them often.

What a special day to give the gift of kindness to these sweet animals, and receive such joy simply by being in their presence.

If you have a loved one who is a candidate for My Miracle Moments please contact us by visiting our Website at www.thearbor-al.com/.