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Game on, Sports Fans!

March 1, 2018 Roman Zelvenschi Comments

March is the month for sports. The end of winter is in sight, plants begin to sprout, and the days become sunnier and warmer.

In February, the two biggest sporting events drew millions of people to their television sets: the Super Bowl and the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. Athletes prepare for these competitions their entire lives and the world watches as they compete for the top prize.

In March, the sporting mania continues with college basketball’s March Madness, professional baseball’s spring training, and car racing fans attending events every weekend. With all these exciting sporting events to look forward to, it’s often fun to recount stories of our own glory days.

Were you a high school track star or a collegiate soccer phenomenon? Did you break records on a military athletic team or own the field at your neighborhood baseball field? Did you cheerlead or twirl batons to give rise to school spirit? If so, we’d love to hear your stories this month as we celebrate all things sports! Leave your story in the comments below.