Memory Care

Within each of us lies a unique and undeniable spirit. That spirit, when properly nurtured, allows us to thrive in ways that positively impact our overall well-being. Our staff is professionally trained to work with residents in determining the best means of caring for each individual. By applying research-based methods that enhance the lives and stimulate the minds of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, we are able to proactively address the issues associated with both cognitive and physical wellness.


Support Memory

  • Reminiscing and Discussion Groups
  • My MAP Album
  • Cultural and Language Study
  • Current Events Discussion Group
  • Life Skill Stations
  • Intergenerational Program


Strength, Flexibility, Circulation

  • Low-impact Aerobics Exercise Classes
  • Dancing
  • Wii Fit, Bowling, Golf
  • Walking Club
  • Gardening Club


Improve vitality

  • Music Programs
  • Art
  • Book Clubs
  • Religious Services
senior couple with granddaughter on a bench

Memory Care Neighborhood Activities

The Memory Care neighborhood at The Arbor has an atmosphere that stimulates socialization and companionship. Every activity that we do has a purpose, from motor to sensory-processing games and exercise to language and memory skills activity that increases their vocabulary bank, we strive to provide ongoing activities to enhance their life experience.

aromatic oils

Innovative Approaches

The Arbor employs innovative approaches such as Aromatherapy. Multiple times a day we use essential oils to provide an environment that enhances the activity we are featuring at that moment. Before and after each meal we diffuse citrus and other types of essential oils onto a warming towel to cleanse the face and hands. We use these essential oils for our nightly massage ritual in order to create a calming and soothing environment for sleep. We also combine the scents from the diffuser with those that come from baking cookies and bread in our community in order to add a home-like feel to the atmosphere. We believe aromatherapy is important because the sense of smell has the ability to bring us back to a moment in time that is relaxing and soothing.

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