A Vital Part of Your Quality of Life

What do most of us take for granted every day? For many of us who are fortunate to be healthy, it may be that freedom from concern over our health… or living without the distraction of health problems or disabilities.

As we age, Health and Wellness are a vital part of our quality of life. Certainly, it can be challenging. But, with some help and encouragement from family, friends, and experienced fitness professionals, it can be easy to make better choices about what we eat and how we get exercise.

Health and Wellness at The Arbor is an essential benefit of living in our community. You should expect to have choices as to how to participate – without pressure – that address Mind, Body, and Spirit. And, you can expect to have fun.

You will have access to organized, group activities as well as the opportunity to participate whenever it suits you.

Making a House Call

Here is another important aspect of Health and Wellness: Education and consultation with your physician. And, that’s where The Arbor really makes it easy for you. We make it easy for your physician to make good old-fashioned “House Calls.” You will be able to visit with various physicians for health screenings, education, and clinical visits right in the comfort of your own home at The Arbor.

For families, this is important. You can drastically reduce the need to pick up a family member for an appointment in the middle of the day, and can be confident that your loved one is receiving the best care possible.

The Arbor is aligned with local hospitals and physicians in order to provide the best, most immediate resources available for general health maintenance, wellness and fitness, and in the event that an advanced level of care is necessary… in a hurry.

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